Best Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA

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Best Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA

Especially if you’re really active, overweight, or diabetic, you’re at a greater risk for foot and ankle problems. Injuries, infections, and medical conditions can cause you pain and discomfort in your feet and limit your mobility. For patients with diabetes, it is important to maintain proper foot health. Top San Francisco, CA podiatrist Magdalena Blasko was awarded the podiatrist of the year award in 2017 by the consumer business review.

About Podiatry

A Doctor of Podiatry specializes in diagnosing and treating foot, ankle and leg health issues. Podiatrists have extensive knowledge about how your feet, ankles and legs function and can help you improve the overall quality of your health and increase your mobility.

What Our Podiatrist Treats

Our podiatrist treats a variety of medical conditions and injuries pertaining to the feet and ankles. Patients trust us to treat them if they have a strained, sprained, or broken ankle or if they have a break or fracture in their feet. We take care of a variety of infections on the foot and toenails caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. For patients who are unable to take care of their own toenails, we offer professional toenail clipping. Additionally, our foot doctors help those with warts, ulcers, rashes, bunions, warts, or discoloration on their feet. Although we value the concerns of all of our patients, we encourage diabetics, in particular, to come in for regular podiatric care.

About Our Diagnostic Process

Our diagnostic process depends upon your particular condition. Our Podiatrists start with an examination of your feet, ankles and legs and evaluate the source of discomfort. We’ll want to know more about where you feel pain and discomfort as well as when. We also gather information about your medical history. Additionally, we may ask you to walk for us and move your foot. Often, this is enough for us to diagnose and determine the source of your condition. Sometimes, we do perform diagnostic imaging to get a look at the bones and tissue in your foot or ankle. In some cases, we may need to perform blood work or other testing to diagnose arthritis and infections.

Treatments Our Podiatrist Provides

Many infections are treatable via the use of a topical cream. We may need to provide you with a prescription for an oral medication in some instances. Some patients benefit from a laser treatment for their fungal infection. This treatment targets fungi using light energy. For people with issues with the structure of the foot or who have a strain or sprain, we may provide the patient with a brace. In addition, we supply our patients with lifestyle advice and home-care tips.

Importance of Podiatry

Foot issues don’t always go away without treatment. In other words, your infection or injury may worsen without treatment. Eventually, you could find yourself having difficulty walking. Diabetics are at a greater risk of foot problems. If the issue is serious enough, a diabetic patient could find his or herself risking an amputation without proper treatment. We encourage patients with diabetes to come to our office at least once per year for a routine examination.

Why Choose Magdalena Blasko and Her Team

We have an experienced team of podiatrists serving San Francisco and the surrounding area. Our physician has specialized in foot care for more than 20 years. Each member of our team is caring, friendly and will answer all of your questions. We realize a majority of your healing is done at home, so we always provide our patients with adequate education about self-care for both treatment and prevention purposes.

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