Diabetic Foot Pain Care Q & A

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Diabetic Foot Pain Management Q&A

Diabetic Foot Pain Management Q & A

Patients suffering from diabetes struggle with a wide range of symptoms on a daily basis.  At Magdalena Blasko Podiatry, we offer comprehensive diabetic foot pain management in San Francisco, CA area for our patients.  We understand the unique needs of patients with diabetes, so we can help them develop a foot care plan that will improve their overall health and help them avoid potential complications.  If you have diabetes, you need to find a podiatrist who will help you evade problems and treat potential issues quickly and effectively.

Why is it important for patients with diabetes to find a podiatrist they can trust?

Diabetics are at a much higher risk for developing a wide range of foot problems.  By developing a strong relationship with an experienced podiatrist, you can learn appropriate hygiene and preventative strategies that will improve the condition of your feet and help save you from developing uncomfortable conditions or complications that could endanger your health in the long-term.  At Magdalena Blasko Podiatry, we proudly offer our patients ongoing support and care that will protect the longevity of their foot health and provide them with important information that will help them attend to their feet at home, so they can prevent severe issues from developing in the first place.

What foot issues should patients with diabetes be aware of?

Patients with diabetes often develop circulation issues in their extremities.  Poor circulation in their feet can make some common foot problems more serious, and also make it more difficult for people to notice pain or other sensations in their feet that could indicate an issue that requires medical intervention.  It is important that patients with diabetes frequently inspect their feet for signs of problems and consult with an experienced podiatrist about their foot health.  Diabetics are at a higher risk for developing fungal infections, bunions or blisters, ulcer, hammertoes, plantar warts, ingrown nails, calluses, neuropathy, and infection in their feet.  The specialists at Magdalena Blasko Podiatry understand how important it is for diabetes sufferers to have a foot doctor they can rely on to provide effective treatment for any issues that may arise because they are at a higher risk for developing infections including gangrene, or for amputation when such infections occur.

When should I see a podiatrist?

Diabetes patients should schedule annual check-ups with their podiatrist, and immediately schedule an appointment if they notice any changes in their feet or potential issues including ingrown nails, cuts that do not heal, or changes in shape, color, or sensation.  A skilled podiatrist can help protect the long-term health of your feet by treating ingrown nails, trimming corns or calluses, and offering insight into preventative care techniques.  Shoes and hosiery designed to support patients with diabetes can help improve circulation and reduce the chances for developing conditions that can be exacerbated by ill-fitting shoes.  By finding a podiatrist you can rely on, you will protect not only the health of your feet, but the long-term health of your entire body.

The specialists at Magdalena Blasko Podiatry offer comprehensive care for patients with diabetes.  We are proud to provide these necessary services to men and women in the San Francisco area.  You deserve a compassionate foot doctor who will provide you with the preventative screenings and comprehensive care you need to protect your health now and in the future. Come to Magdalena Blasko Podiatry for your diabetic foot pain management in San Francisco, CA.

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