Fall Risk Assessment in San Francisco, CA

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Fall Risk Assessment in San Francisco, CA

Falls can happen to anyone.  Tripping over an uneven sidewalk or slipping on the stairs may not be cause for concern, but for the elderly, falls can become more frequent and riskier.  At Magdalena Blasko Podiatry, we can provide you with a fall risk assessment in San Francisco, CA, so you and your loved ones can understand your risk and take precautions that will help prevent unintentional falls.  One out of every three seniors over the age of 65 will experience a fall every year, so understanding how likely you are to experience a fall in the future can greatly reduce the likelihood that will suffer an injury as the result.

Who is at the greatest risk of a fall?

Your risk of falling will increase substantially as you age.  Additionally, there are a number of other conditions that can increase your chances of sustaining an injury as the result.  Patients who have arthritis or impairments of the sensory-nervous system, and those with osteoporosis or other bone density issues may have a higher risk of bone breakage when they fall.  Falls and fall-related injuries are a leading cause of injury deaths among senior citizens.  If you have a loved one who is over the age of 65 or is showing symptoms of ambulatory issues, you may want to help them find a podiatrist who can conduct a comprehensive fall risk assessment, so you and your family members can be well-informed and understand how to reduce their risk in the future.

How is a fall risk assessment performed?

There are a number of different assessment tools your doctor may use when evaluating your fall risk.  However, one of the most common methods for assessing fall risk is the Morse Fall Scale, which provides a score based on answers to simple yes and no questions your podiatrist will ask you.  The Morse Fall Scale will take a number of different factors into account including any fall history, whether you use an ambulatory aid, your mental status, gait measurements, and any secondary diagnoses.  A fall risk assessment is often conducted following a fall, but they can also be conducted as a preventative measure.  Often, embarrassment may keep a person from admitting they have fallen to their doctor, but this information is an important tool for your care providers.  If you have experienced a fall, you should be honest with your doctor, so they can provide you with the best care possible and help you understand how to reduce your risk in the future.

What preventative measures can I take to reduce my fall risk?

Your fall risk management plan will be tailored to address your specific needs.  Some patients may benefit more from physical therapy, while others may require ambulatory assistance or orthotic inserts.  Improving balance and strength through intentional movement can help you keep your legs healthy and mobile, while strengthening the small muscles of your feet and ankles, so they can more effectively keep you upright while you walk.  Wearing corrective lenses if you need them and undergoing an annual eye exam will help ensure you can see objects that might be in your way.  You should undergo screening for osteoporosis and review any medications you are taking with your doctor.  Most importantly, arming yourself with information can help you feel more in control.  Many people will develop a phobia of falling after it has happened to them.  By undergoing a fall risk assessment and discussing preventative measures, you will be able to take control of your health and safety.

If you or a family member are in need of a fall risk assessment in San Francisco, CA or the surrounding areas, contact Magdalena Blasko Podiatry today to schedule an appointment to discuss your fall risk and develop a targeted management plan.

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