Foot Problems and Fall Risk Prevention Q & A

Doctor Magdalena Blasko Is an Experienced Podiatrist Who Treats a Variety of Foot & Ankle Disorders, Including Ingrown Toenails, Bunions, Fungal Nail Infections, Foot Pain Caused by Arthritis or Diabetes, and Many More. Doctor Magdalena Blasko Also Specializes in Fall Risk Prevention in San Francisco, CA. Please Give Us a Call at (415) 212-7740 or Book an Appointment Online.

Foot Problems and Fall Risk Prevention Q & A

Foot Problems and Fall Risk Prevention Q & A

At Magdalena Blasko Podiatry in San Francisco, CA, we understand the importance of educating our patients.  When it comes to falls, your podiatrist can offer important insight and information that can help you prevent falls in yourself and loved ones.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that approximately 25,000 elderly adults die as a result of complications from an unintentional fall each year.  With such dramatic risk for older family members, it is especially important to make sure your loved ones see an experienced foot doctor who can help them reduce their chances of injuring themselves in a fall. Call (415) 212-7740 to learn more about our services for fall risk prevention in San Francisco, CA.

How do I know if I should speak with a podiatrist about my fall risk?

Your risk of a devastating fall increases as you age.  It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall.  There are a few warning signs you can be aware of as part of your decision to speak with a specialist about your fall risk and potential preventative treatments.  If you have fallen previously, have been diagnosed with arthritis in your ankles or feet, often feel unsteady when walking, or find yourself grabbing stationary objects to regain balance while moving from place to place, it may be time to speak with a doctor.  If you notice that a loved one is shuffling, stumbling, or dragging their feet as they walk in ways they have not previously, you may wish to discuss their options with them.  A fall risk assessment requires a simple questionnaire and can provide important information about potential risk for falls in the future that will help dictate a comprehensive treatment plan.

How will a podiatrist help me prevent falls?

Some of the most common contributing factors to falls in seniors include arthritis, balance issues, and muscle weakness.  Podiatrists offer care and support for many of these issues in the lower extremities, making them an important ally when it comes to preventing falls.  A fall risk management plan will include an initial fall risk assessment, patient education, as well as strength and balance training and/or assistive devices such as custom orthotics to address biomechanical issues.  Speaking with your podiatrist will help you learn how to support a natural gait and healthy feet that will effectively support your body weight.  By prioritizing your foot and ankle health, you will ensure you can remain upright for as long as possible with effective and ongoing support and care.

What steps can I take in my daily life to reduce my risk of a fall?

Undergoing a risk assessment with a skilled podiatrist will be the best way to arm yourself with the skills and treatment you need to avoid falls, but there are some general steps you can take to protect yourself or a loved one at home.  One of the first steps you should take in your home is to remove decorative rugs and ensure your floors are even, especially if they are carpeted.  You can also move furniture out of the way and anchor heavy objects to the wall, so that they will not fall over if you grab them to steady yourself.  Installing strategic grab bars in bathrooms can help ensure you are steady while showering or using the toilet, and making sure that your light fixtures provide enough illumination can make it easier to see objects that may otherwise cause you to trip.

If you or a loved one are in need of a fall risk prevention in San Francisco, CA, contact Magdalena Blasko Podiatry to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate doctors who can help you build a plan to prevents falls.  We can help you understand your risk and make smart lifestyle decisions that will reduce your chances of injuring yourself in a fall.

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