Foot Doctor in San Francisco, CA

At Magdalena Blasko DPM, INC, Magdalena Blasko and Her Team of Experienced Foot Doctors in San Francisco, CA Offer a Wide Range of Services to Help Diagnose & Treat Foot and Ankle Problems, Ingrown Nails and Fungal Nail Problems, Arthritis Treatment, and Diabetic Foot Pain. Call (415) 212-7740 or Book An Appointment Online.

Foot Doctor in San Francisco, CA

You probably never think about how much stress your feet take – from carrying your body weight to the shoes that may not support them enough. Fortunately though, you have a solution for all of your foot and ankle-related issues. Magdalena Blasko is a podiatrist serving San Francisco, CA, who specializes in a wide range of podiatric services.

Some of the Issues We Treat

We see a great deal of patients who have foot fungus. It can arise as a result of poor hygiene practices or going to public places without shoes. The fungi may lead to nail discoloration, itchiness, burning, rashes, bumps, skin peeling, redness, scaliness, and odor. We also see patients who have types of infections in wounds or blisters. A podiatrist can also take care of ingrown toenails. Additionally, you may come to our office for removal of calluses and corns. Some of our patients come to us because they’re having pain in their foot or ankle. The pain may originate from arthritis, Plantar’s fasciitis, tendinitis, or a fracture, break, sprain, or strain.

What to Expect at a Visit

At your first appointment with our foot doctor, we ask you to complete a medical history form. This supplies us with insight regarding your health conditions, allergies, and family history. We do ask you to update your information if anything changes or you’ve been our patient for a while. The next part of the visit includes you speaking with our podiatrist about your issue. She’ll then analyze the area to see for herself about your condition. Sometimes, this is enough for her to diagnose you. However, you may need to demonstrate how you walk. We may also need to conduct imaging to view the tissue or bones. For infections and to diagnose or rule out arthritis, we may need to perform a blood or urine test.

Possible Treatments

We provide you with a customized treatment based on your condition. It may include a brace for your ankle and foot. You might need foot inserts to support your arch. We may fit you for compression stockings that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong directions. They work by squeezing the veins.

Some patients require a prescription for an antibiotic or other medication to clear up an infection. You might either receive an ointment or oral medication. If you have a fungal infection that doesn’t respond to a drug, we may perform laser fungal removal. It consists of light energy that targets the fungi.

At our office, we perform wound care by thoroughly cleansing the area and applying the appropriate dressing. Additionally, you receive plenty of education regarding taking care of your condition at home and preventing an infection or injury in the future.

Who Should Visit Our Office

We don’t have age restrictions for our patients, so children and adults may come to our office for quality care. Individuals who have an injury should visit our office and so should those who have warts, corns, infections, or other issues that won’t heal. We also help those who are unable to care for their own feet. If you have regular pain in your feet or ankle, we can help as well. We advise our diabetic patients to visit our office at least once per year for a routine examination.

For all your foot and ankle related problems, contact Magdalena Blasko, serving San Francisco, CA and beyond, for an appointment by calling (415) 212-7740.