Foot Wellness Program in San Francisco, CA

Looking for prevention rather than just treatment for your feet? Dr. Magdalena Blasko Podiatry now offers wellness check-ups for your podiatric needs. Whether you have no insurance, or your plan does not cover preventative foot care, Dr. Blasko’s Foot Wellness Program is a great option for you! Call us today to enroll or for more information!

Foot Wellness Program in San Francisco, CA

As we live longer, we have become more and more attentive to our healthcare needs, staying active and productive even beyond typical retirement age. More and more people embrace the idea of a dynamic life in retirement. In order to maintain our health as we age, the focus in medicine has shifted towards prevention rather than just treatment. For years we have gone to the dentist at least twice a year for cleaning and checkup. Anyone who wears glasses knows how important yearly vision exams are to keep our eyes healthy. Primary doctors schedule patients for yearly checkups. So, the concept is not new. What is NEW is the introduction of wellness check-ups in podiatry.


  1. Regular medical involvement to preempt problems before they occur.
  2. Early detection and treatment of foot and leg problems.
  3. No pain from ingrown nails and hard calluses.
  4. Once a year medical evaluation to keep your lower extremities young for as long as possible.
  5. Enjoy a healthy, active, and independent lifestyle from youth throughout your golden years.

Appropriate for EVERYBODY:

  1. If you have no insurance
  2. If you have insurance but your plan does not cover preventive care
  3. If you have painful calluses and thick nails
  4. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your feet
  5. If you cannot reach your toes for any reason or have vision problems
  6. If you do not want to take care of your nails yourself

Silver​ Foot Wellness Program – $99/month (a $1700 annual value)

You get 15 nail and callus treatments over 12 months. This is not your typical pedicure. These are highly skilled medical pedicures, each consisting of:

  1. Warm water soak with natural oils to either improve circulation or fight fungus
  2. Standard nail trim with deep callus removal and nail thinning when appropriate (a $95.00 value alone) with medically sterilized instruments
  3. Antifungal cream application to fight off infections for the most severe cases

Gold​ Foot Wellness Program $110/month (a $2100 annual value) Includes:

1. Silver program services AND
2. 10% off all regular purchases over $150 AND
3. After 3 months of treatment,
a. One Gait scan evaluation
b. One lower extremity evaluation
c. One health strategy session

These program benefits cannot be combined with other offers or sales.

All other purchases not mentioned in these offers are purchased at counter price.
Your account is not active until 1​st​ payment is processed. Your membership helps support this program. As such, we cannot offer a refund for dues already paid, but you may cancel at any time, free of charge.