Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA

Magdalena Blasko DPM Is a Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA Who Specializes in a Wide Range Of Foot and Ankle Problems, Including Toe & Nail Disorders, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Lymphedema, Biomechanical Issues Among Others. Call (415) 212-7740 or Visit Our Foot Clinic Today at 1600 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115.

Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA

Swelling in your feet is uncomfortable. Those sores on your foot interfere with wearing shoes and may only get worse. Sometimes, a toenail infection causes pain. On the other hand, if you twist your ankle, it becomes a struggle to walk normally. Often, without treatment, problems only remain – or even worse – escalate. Magdalena Blasko is a leading Podiatrist in San Francisco, CA who offers care for injuries, infections, and chronic ailments pertaining to your feet and ankles.

About Conditions We Treat

We take care of children and adults who have toe and nail issues. Our podiatrist treats toenail infections and ingrown toenails. We also treat venous insufficiency, which occurs when your veins don’t circulate blood throughout your lower extremities like they should. Another condition we provide treatment for is lymphedema. This condition describes an issue that arises when your lymphatic system doesn’t function properly and fluid retention and swelling happen. Additionally, we help individuals who injure their ankle or foot. Diabetics, especially those with poorly managed diabetes, are more at risk for foot-related issues including ulcers and rashes. Some other conditions we treat are:

• Arthritis
• Calluses
• Fallen arch
• Tendinitis
• Achilles pain
• Bunions
• Corns
• Neuropathy

Diagnostics We Provide

The first step in diagnosing your condition is gathering accurate information about your medical history. We’ll inquire about the symptoms you currently have. Additionally, our physician evaluates your foot or ankle visually for any signs of swelling or other issues. We examine your foot for blisters, warts, corns, and calluses also. For diabetics, we thoroughly look at your foot, so we may diagnose an issue early enough for intervention.

Sometimes, we ask you to walk for us. During this particular test, which is known as a gait analysis, our podiatrist watches how you walk. She determines if different portions of your feet touch the floor at the appropriate time. She might ask you to move your foot and ankle.

Although it’s not common, we may need to provide you with further testing. This could include an X-ray or other imaging to look at the bone and soft tissue in your foot and ankle. We may need to obtain a sample from a wound or infection site and send it to our lab for analysis. In some cases, we conduct a urinalysis or blood work to evaluate you for infection or arthritis.

Types of Treatment We Provide

The type of treatment we provide depends on your particular condition. Magdalena Blasko makes sure she customizes each person’s care to their health needs and conditions. For example, if you have an infection, she may prescribe an antibiotic or antifungal. If your infection doesn’t respond, she may conduct laser fungal removal. It utilizes light energy to destroy the fungi. Patients who have wounds with an infection will have the area cleansed and will receive an antibiotic. Diabetic patients – or those with a serious infection – may require an oral medication rather than an ointment.

If you have a sprain or strain, our podiatrist will fit you for a brace you’ll need to wear until you heal. You may receive a boot if you have Plantar’s fasciitis or another biomechanical problem in your foot.

Patient education is often a vital component of your appointment. Magdalena Blasko educates you about ways to improve your condition at home. She also explains ways you can prevent an injury or infection in the future.

To treat acute or chronic issues with your ankles and feet, contact Magdalena Blasko DPM Inc., serving San Francisco, CA and the nearby region, by calling (415) 212-7740.