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At Magdalena Blasko DPM, Inc., we offer sports medicine expertise to help you return to the fun, active, and healthy life you want to lead. If you're ready to see what we can provide, call us at (415) 353-5715 or book online to the right. If not, read on to see what we can do! Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Magdalena Blasko, DPM is a sports medicine specialist in San Francisco, CA.

Sports medicine is a specialty of medicine that deals with physical fitness, along with treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports, exercise and physical activity in general. There are various types of sports medicine experts who work as a team to ensure the best rehabilitation and recovery plan is implemented for the individual who injured themselves during sports or exercise.

Who are the experts in the multidisciplinary team of sports medicine?

When looking at the spectrum of skill sets a sports medicine clinic might have available, the following multidisciplinary team of experts, highly trained and experienced specialists, are those you may encounter:

  • Physical therapists – They develop rehabilitation and performance improvement programs and physiotherapy services as the first line of defense

  • Physical medicine rehabilitation specialists – they create performance enhancement programs and develop injury rehabilitation plans

  • Sports medicine primary care physicians – They provide comprehensive medical evaluations, sports physicals and treatment of non-surgical injuries after a proper evaluation. This is where your podiatrist comes in.

  • Orthopedic surgeons – They provide surgical management of musculoskeletal injuries as the last option to treat your injury.

What is expected of a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician?

They have extensive education in musculoskeletal medicine and specialize in treatment of athletes and other physically active individuals. Sports and exercise medicine physicians treat various injuries related to sports and exercise such as injury to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. They also work to prevent injuries borne from muscle atrophy due to inactivity and aging.

Additionally, they can treat chronic illnesses like arthritis and any other musculoskeletal issues which affect the physical performance of athletes and other physically active individuals with the goal of extending people’s ability to have an active life through their golden years. If an athlete suffers from asthma or diabetes symptoms negatively affecting their performance, the sports and exercise medicine physician can help out. They can also advise on how to prevent various traumas and injuries.

What are the common sports injuries?

Acute injuries such as:

  • Fractures

  • Knee injuries

  • Ankle injuries

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Cartilage, tendon and muscle injuries

Chronic injuries arising from regular wear and tear.

What are the other services of a sports medicine specialist?

They can also advise you on areas of health like nutrition, supplements, fitness and exercises, stretching and warm ups, how to select proper shoes for athletics and how to prevent injuries. Some of the methods of prevention they might recommend are exercising, taping, passive physical therapy, or choosing appropriate shoes and supportive devices like inserts and braces.

What are the ultimate goals of a sports medicine clinic?

  • Injury prevention

  • To improve the performance of athletes

  • Ensuring athletes’ safety during performance of sports activities

  • Treatment when you get injured during workouts

  • Assistance getting back to normal routines with proper rehabilitation following injuries

Who is a Sports Medicine Podiatrist?

In short, a specialist in sports medicine who specializes in feet and ankles. This specialty allows for early intervention in foot and ankle care in an advanced medical setting. They are specialized to treat injuries which occur in relation to feet as well as address related biomechanical issues such as flat feet, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and bunions, among others.

Sports medicine specialists at Magdalena Blasko DPM, Inc provide a coordinated team approach to evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained by recreational, professional or amateur athletes. We use an integrated system of computerized testing and monitoring for each problem area to diagnose and treat any condition you may have. Stop in and we would be happy to help you get back to your exercise routine as soon as possible.

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