Sports Medicine Specialist Q & A

What Is Sports Medicine? Sports Medicine Focuses on the Unique Medical Needs of Athletes of Any Level – Whether You Are a Professional or a Weekend Warrior and Anything In Between. Dr. Blasko Is a Sports Medicine Specialist in San Francisco, CA, Offering Exceptional Care for Her Patients. Call Us Today to Book an Appointment (415) 212-7740.

Sports Medicine Specialist Q & A

Sports Medicine Specialist Q & A

Do enjoy running, hiking, walking, playing sports, dancing, or biking? If so, you may have experienced foot or ankle pain, either minor or severe or sustained a fracture or a deep bruise in the past. If you are a professional or an amateur athlete, you may benefit from the services from sports podiatry. Podiatrists specialize not only in conditions and injuries of the feet but also in biomechanical assessment of the feet. A sports podiatrist can help you with treatment and, perhaps more importantly, with injury prevention. Biomechanics focuses on the control and motion of the foot and how your feet affect how you walk and move. If you have questions about how a podiatrist can help you and why you may need to see a sports medicine specialist, keep reading!

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a specialty that focuses on preventing and treating injuries and illnesses sustained during periods of activity, such as sports and exercise. They help athletes of all levels restore function after injury and to regain mobility after extended periods off due to healing. Sports medicine doctors have completed 4 years of medical school and a residency program for specialist training in another field (such as internal medicine or family medicine) before completing a fellowship focused in sport and exercise medicine. Once completing the fellowship, the doctor is certified and is awarded the designation Dip. Sport Med. (Diploma of Sports Medicine).

What is a sports medicine podiatrist?

Because sports medicine doctors come from various specialties and backgrounds, sports medicine doctors can focus on several different areas of the body when it comes to sport and exercise injuries, including the feet. A sports medicine doctor whose specialty is feet is called a sports medicine podiatrist. Many individuals who participate in sports or physical activities will at some point experience an injury, and of these injuries, 50% involve the foot or the ankle. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of sports and physical activities involve the feet and movement of the feet and legs in some way. When an athlete sustains an injury of the foot or ankle, they can see and be treated by a sports medicine podiatrist.

How can a sports medicine podiatrist help me?

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a sports medicine doctor or a sports medicine podiatrist. Doctors who specialize in sports medicine and podiatry help their patients with injury rehabilitation, prevention, advanced treatments, and biomechanical assessments, all without the necessity of surgery. A sports medicine specialist will work with you on gait analysis and shoe wear recommendations to help with prevention and treat injuries of the foot and ankle.

If you live an active lifestyle and are concerned with injuries or have sustained an injury and require treatment or help with recovery, call or visit Dr. Magdalena Blasko and her expert team at Dr. Blasko’s Podiatry Clinic in San Francisco. Dr. Blasko is a sports medicine specialist and podiatrist who specializes in a variety of conditions that affect the feet and ankles. She offers comprehensive biomechanical treatment and assessment that identifies potential problems before they cause injuries or deformities.

Some common issues associated with biomechanical problems include fallen arches, over-pronation, which can lead to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis, and supination. Often, these problems can cause issues in other areas of your body, which impacts your quality of life. When participating in sports or physical activities such as running and dancing, individuals with biomechanical issues may be more prone to sports-related injuries.

Dr. Blasko can provide preventative support by assessing and diagnosing biomechanical issues through a process of evaluating your feet and gait. She will recommend a treatment plan that could involve orthotics, a brace, or physical therapy. Normally, people do not require surgery to correct biomechanical issues of the feet.

If you are looking for San Francisco’s best sports medicine specialist with a focus of podiatry, then call Dr. Blasko’s for an appointment today!

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