Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Q & A

Infection and Pain Can Be Incurred When You Experience Corns, Ingrown Toenails, Sprains, Dislocations or Disease in Your Feet. Doctor Magdalena Blasko Offers Toe & Nail Disorder Treatments in San Francisco, CA. We Are Open 5 Days Per Week. For an Appointment Call Us at (415) 212-7740. We Are Located at 1600 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115.

Laser Toenail Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Q & A

Toe and toenail issues can really hinder the appearance of your feet. Not to mention, these problems can cause pain and discomfort. Often, a topical ointment or other at-home measures just aren’t enough. Magdalena Blasko is a leading expert in toe & nail treatments in San Francisco, CA.

Toe Issues

You could sprain your toe. This happens when you tear or damage the ligaments or cartilage in your toes. This may occur during physical activity. Symptoms could include pain, swelling, bruising, or stiffness.

Injuries like falls or automobile accidents could cause you to have a dislocation. This occurs when the bone is no longer in the joint, which results in pain and swelling.

Our podiatrist treats corns and bunions that develop on your toes. Corns are areas of skin that thicken, possibly as a result of poor-fitting footwear or other issues that cause friction and pain. Bunions can also occur from poorly fitting shoes. This issue is a bony bump that forms on your big toe. It could appear red, and it’s possible a bunion will cause pain and discomfort. These conditions can also result in an ulcer or wound appearing on your toes.

Toenail Issues

You could have an ingrown toenail. It happens when your toenail begins to grow into your skin, causing swelling and pain. There is also the possibility for an infection to arise. Another common problem on your toenails is a fungus. Fungi thrive in damp places like in between your toes or on your feet when they sweat. People with health conditions such as diabetes are more likely to develop foot fungus. Symptoms of a fungal infection include skin peeling and flaking, odor, itching, pain, and nail discoloration.

You may develop paronychia, which affects the skin around the nail in addition to the nail. As it worsens, it could cause infection. An injury to the toe might lead to toenail discoloration or even the toenail falling off completely.

Diagnosing Toenail and Toe Problems

In some cases, our podiatrists can diagnose a toe or toenail problem just by looking at the toe and nail. We assess the area for visible signs of an infection or injury. The symptoms of many toe and toenail issues are easily diagnosable in many cases. On occasion though, our podiatrist will take a sample of cells to diagnose an infection. Then, we place the sample in potassium hydroxide to destroy the healthy cells and leave behind only infected cells. We might also put a sample under a microscope to look for infected cells.

Treating Toe and Toenail Issues

Once we diagnose the cause of your discomfort, we may perform one of various treatments. For example, we’ll bandage an injured toe. If you have a wound on a toe, we use a cleansing treatment and properly bandage it. We educate you on how to change the dressing at home in order to keep the wound clean. For infections, we can prescribe an antibiotic or antifungal cream. In severe cases, you may need an oral medication. You also have the option to undergo a laser treatment that kills the fungi. Ulcers caused by bacteria require an antibiotic applied to the area more than once per day.

If you have an ingrown toenail, we might remove it. In the more serious cases, we use a chemical to dissolve the nail. In milder cases, our podiatrist will separate the nail from the nail bed and allow it to heal naturally.

Stop toe pain and get back into those open-toed shoes with treatments from Magdalena Blasko, serving San Francisco, CA and the surrounding area. Book an appointment by calling (415) 212-7740.

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