You Asked, We Listened at Magdalena Blasko DPM INC in San Francisco, CA

Magdalena Blasko DPM INC is Now Offering at Home Visits so That We Can Treat You in The Comfort of Your Own Home. You Asked, We Listened to Your Questions and Concerns. Call Our Podiatry Clinic at (415) 212-7740 to Book Your Home Visit.

A) Home visits:

As a thank you for our long-time patients we restarted home visits as per their request. Our office has been open for 19 years and many of our patients have been with us for that same amount of time.

To accommodate our patients’ changing needs, as well as the needs of people in similar conditions we restarted our home visit program. The services we provide during these visits include nail care, fall risk assessment and prevention, vascular and balance testing. We also distribute diabetic shoes and braces, both over the counter and custom made.

Assisted living apartments/ buildings and private apartments with five or more qualifying patients are encouraged to call our clinic at (415) 212-7740.

B) Homeopathic detoxification:

As times have changes patients have become more health-conscious and as such detoxification has received a more prominent place in the care of one’s body. The major issue with most detoxification processes is that they are very harsh and tend to destroy the delicate balance of our internal systems. There is always an attempt to re-stabilize these organs by introducing vitamins and minerals orally, but it is not the same. Harsh detoxification eliminates with toxins a variety of “good” components due to their non-specific/ partial specific interaction with the body

The beauty of our homeopathic system is that it does not interfere with any of the internal systems and as such it does not disrupt the effect of any medication or special diet a patient is on. The detoxifying agents’ interaction with the toxins in the body is exclusively based of resonance and not chemical interactions and as such they will be very specific. When the agent does not encounter its specific toxin, it will leave the body without interfering with any components on its path.

For more information please call our office at (415) 212-7740.

This service is not covered by any insurance.

C) Non-insurance:

Non-insurance covered nail care came to life as an extension to the podiatric practice where we could provide services related to podiatry, based on requests by patients like the medical pedicure. As people are living longer and longer there is a great need to preserve mobility for a more extended period of time. Not having painful calluses is a great part of relaxed walking. Patients found that there are not enough businesses that handle painful calluses in this manner.

What is the difference between a pedicure at the salon and our office?

  • The most important difference: we are allowed to use sharp instruments whereas the pedicure salons are not. The salons use a yellow pumice stone that will remove only the superficial layers of the hardened skin. What does it mean to you? It means we can remove the thickness as well as the core of the callus much deeper without injury to your sole or toes (this includes the calluses between your toes also). This thorough removal will allow for you to walk much longer without pain while the callus will grow back much slower. Regular care, at much larger intervals, will allow you ultimately to experience no pain between visits.
  • Use of medical grade instruments that will be sterilized in medical autoclaves
  • Use of medical drills that allow for the thinning of the thickened nail without injury to the nail bed
  • Foot bath bombs for pain, fungus, or relaxation

The best reaction we’ve ever received from a customer was when one of our clients became teary eyed and told us that for the last 40 years she was suffering with her calluses and since she started coming to us the pain does not wake her up at night anymore. She never believed that there will be a time in her life when she will be able to sleep uninterrupted for an entire night. Everywhere she went doctors suggested surgery to correct her anatomy but she always refused so she resigned herself to live in pain. And we changed all that. These are the moments that make the hard work we put in as a team worthwhile.

Let yourself be enchanted and surprised by the results we can achieve by booking an appointment with Magdalena Blasko DPM INC.

D) Lymphedema:

Many of our patients have come to us as their trusted experts for lymphedema treatment. Damaged lymph nodes from cancer can be a very emotional topic for many patients especially when they are experiencing painful swelling. We have had many success stories from patients who have been through a rough health patch and are now walking pain free and feeling better thanks to treatment from our dedicated staff. Creating positive changes in our patients lives and giving them the tools to walk pain free is at the forefront of what we do. Everyone has their own unique experience and we are creating better ones for every patient who walks through our door.